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Top 10 Training Treats

We often get asked what treats you should use when training, especially for young puppies! With everything, it can depend on how food motivated your dog is, if they have any allergies or what you are wanting to train.

Therefore, we tend to have LOW value treats and HIGH value treats. LOW value treats are those that aren't too special. These might be your dogs normal food or a dry biscuit - something that your dog likes and will eat but isn't that excited about. For example I love chocolate so dairy milk I will eat but have regularly whereas if you bought me an expensive box of chocolates I will be really excited as I don't have them often (and they taste better).

HIGH value treats are those that are super tasty and are given on special occasions. For dogs these tend to be smelly, very meaty treats.

When to use these types of treats?

I use low value treats once a dog is doing a behaviour reliably. For example when a dog has perfected sitting and will sit all the time when asked then there is no need to use special treats as they will always do it so you can start using low value treats. However, if I was in a busy park with lots of people and other dogs and I wanted my dog to come back to me then I will be using really high value treats! My dog needs a really good reward for coming away fro something super exciting.

So what are my top 10 Training Treats - these are in no particular order!


Cheese is loved by all dogs! It is smelly, can be cut up into little bits and easily visible when on the floor.


Hot dogs are smelly, very meaty and also really affordable. Cut them up into little pieces and one tin can make a few hundred treats.


You can make your own dried liver by putting it in a low temperature oven for a long time or you can buy it already made. Liver is irresistible to dogs - it has a big smell!

Buy it here:


Fishy treats are the smelliest out there. Some dogs love fish so these are perfect to use.

Buy them here:


Another great treat is cocktail sausages. Again, you can break these up small and they are very meaty and relatively cheap to buy.


We love to use these! They come in a reusable bag and can be broken into smaller pieces. They are 95% meat and perfect for all dogs.

Buy them here:


Cooked chicken is a firm favourite amongst all dogs! It is smelly and tasty. Like cheese, it can easily be seen on the floor and is low in fat. If your dog has an allergy to chicken then you can use other cooked meats like beef, turkey and lamb.


Many dogs love peanut butter and have it in their kongs or food toys but you can also use it when out and about too! Just make sure it does not contain xylitol.


This can vary for different dogs but some dogs just love carrots. Carrots do contain lots of sugar so please be cautious not to give too many but you can cut them up small and they are a nice juicy, crunchy treat.


This is my dogs favourite! Available in 5 different flavours - salmon, chicken, beef, lamb and turkey. You can cut these up into small pieces and use when needed. All meat so very tasty and smelly.

Buy them here:

With any new foods, give your dogs a little bit to start with to see how they react to it! Remember that if you are doing lots of training with dogs and using lots of treats to cut back on their normal food to avoid too much weight gain!

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