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Dog Products

Puppy Tales Pet Products was founded by Lucy alongside Puppy Tales Pet Services in 2017 and is a family ran online shop.

At Puppy Tales Pet Products we aim to deliver enrichment products and natural chews and treats for dogs of all shapes and sizes, in order to give them a healthy and fulfilled life.

Puppy Tales Pet Products was created to provide people with an alternative to rawhide. Rawhide is a chemically treated chew which can be found in most pet stores and across the internet. Rawhide is made from animal products however, the process to turn them into a dog chew is what makes them dangerous. They are chemically treated to ensure they last a long time and to strip them of any fur or hair thats left on. These chews become almost bubble gum like when they are chewed for a long time and pose as a choking or blocking hazard.

Unfortunately when Nova (Dobermann) was a young puppy, we didn’t know any better and bought her lots of rawhide chews. They were really appealing due to the cheap cost, some were massive and they had multiple shelves in the pet shop so we thought they were safe.

Nova became very ill and was rushed to the vet with bloat which if not caught early can be fatal. The vets advised that a mixture of eating too fast and going for a walk alongside chewing a rawhide bone was the cause.

Luckily, after a night in the vets, Nova was home and safe but all rawhide was thrown away and a slow feed bowl was bought! This sparked us to try and change the industry and focus on having a site where only natural chews, treats and quality other dog products are sold. We do sell hide and other animal parts but these are not chemically treated and simply air dried to lock in their tastiness hence why there may be an occasional animal hair still on them (which your dogs will love)!

You can see more from our dogs as well as a look behind the scenes and upcoming deals over on our social media platforms.

Thank you for supporting us in our efforts to enrich the lives of our furry friends as well as a local business!

You can find all our products on our sister website: 

If you are in the Bristol/Bath area then we offer free delivery, just use the code 'CLASS'

Not sure what to choose? Pop us a message and we can advise too! 

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