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Do you make sure handling your dog is positive?! 🐶

It’s great to build handling your dog into training sessions.

Although we all handle our dogs daily by stroking them, putting their collar/harness on etc. we sometimes forget that there are lots of areas on them that do not get handled.

It’s so important to get our dogs used to handling for making visits to places like the vets and groomers much less stressful. It also means you can check to see if your dog has been injured too - many a time I’ve found a small thorn in my dogs that I wouldn’t have found if I hadn’t of checked them over.

Reya is very sensitive with her paws being touched - she would pull away and even yelp. This meant drying them & clipping her nails became a hard task.

So i started to add in a short 3 minute handling session each day. This was simply touch a paw and reward and repeat! Or a different area, reward and repeat!

However, it’s important to also watch your dogs body language to check they are enjoying it. If they are pulling away, lip licking, maybe nipping at you (although there are lots of other signs), then take it a step back and go even slower. For paw holding, this may simply be to just touch their paw and reward.

Does your dog enjoy being handled? 🐾

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