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Puppy Blues

I’ve visited a few families recently who have questioned their choice to get a puppy and I always say to them puppy blues is real!

That period where your puppy is very tricky - there may be barking, biting, not settling and it’s just not the life you had imagined when you decided to get a cute little bundle of fur.

You are not alone! ❤️

With both Kimble & Reya I had puppy blues. I felt bad that I had bought a new dog into the home, that my current dogs got less attention.

What have I done to help it? We have dedicated time together. I love training so I take her for short 20 minute training walks. I keep them short and sweet so I don’t get frustrated if she gets silly or over aroused at the world. I take the highest value foods and a new toy and we walk in super quiet places so I’m the most fun thing that’s around.

Daily, we have play sessions - she absolutely loves toys so we play with no pressure. No training involved just fun!

We cuddle lots - she loves a cuddle! (I know that’s hard with a bitey puppy).

When she frustrates me and yes she frustrates me, I take a deep breath first 😂

I always say to every training client to celebrate the little things - did puppy sleep in an extra 10 minutes or did you go a day of all toileting outside? Celebrate!

Puppies are hard and puppy blues are tricky to get over but you will!

Get yourself a trainer to come and give you advice and techniques with the issues you are having. We are on hand to help! ❤️

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