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Puppy Biting

Puppies use their mouths to explore and are still learning about appropriate things to bite so we need to help them to learn this.

When your puppy is biting you then its good to work out the reasons why - is it excitement, tiredness, needing the toilet, being hungry.

• The number one reason that puppies generally bite is because they are tired! Puppies need on average 18-20 hours of sleep a day. It may appear to us that they have energy as they are moving around, biting etc but I generally find that it is because they need a nap.

• If they do not have this then they can get overtired which quickly leads to undesirable behaviours. Make sure to have a safe place set up for your puppies. If you see them getting tired or they haven't had a nap in a while then pop them in there (you can give them something to do like a chew or kong).

• Remember this place is somewhere that we do not disturb them in.

• If it is excitement based then find a toy and play with them with a toy instead (special toys are perfect for this!). If they persists then you can throw some food on the floor to direct their attention or give them a long lasting natural chew (we sell lots on our website: - beef hide, pizzles, beef throats, buffalo/camel chews, chew roots are all fab

for pups).

• Remember to be boring if your puppy is biting you, if you are waving your hands around and shouting at them then they will see this as playing and continue to bite. - We do not recommend yelping as this normally just excites puppies and does not help with the biting.

• Providing your puppy with lots of toys and chews will help them to choose appropriate things and avoids them chewing furniture and other household items too.-

• You can also check if they need the toilet or if they are hungry (sometimes we need to up their daily food allowance).

• Remember to keep play sessions short so that they do not get over excited and start biting.

• If you have older guests, people who are nervous of dogs or children visiting then you can put your puppy on a house line to control their interactions, use baby gates to meet at and get people to play with your puppy with support (using those extra long toys!).

• Sometimes puppies try to bite ankles or pick on certain family members - look at when this is happening. Is it because they are leaving the room (puppy might not want them to go) or because when they do bite them, the person responds and your puppy gets excited.

• Teach your puppy to settle on a bed or a mat - that way if you need to do something and are happy for your puppy to be there but want them in a particular place (for example cooking dinner or washing up) then you can have them stationed on their mat.

• Another thing to remember is to look at your puppies breed- if they are a gundog then they are bred to hold things with their mouths so can be bitey puppies. Make sure to have lots of soft toys for them to hold and carry, provide them with lots to chew on. If you have a sighthound then they love to chase, spend time teaching impulse control and have fun chase and win sessions (a flirt pole is perfect)! If they are a herder then they are more prone to biting ankles as they herd you up, again a flirt pole and herding games will be fun for them!


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If you are looking for more help then book a 1-2-1 session today!

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