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Puppy School Bristol 

Puppy School Bristol hosts puppy training classes in  St George and Patchway.

A structured six week course designed for the youngest of vaccinated puppies. With qualified and experienced tutors (Michelle or Lucy), you can be sure of helpful and supportive, family friendly classes. We only use kind training techniques and offer ongoing support between classes, as well as access to our puppy social walks when possible.


We have been in your shoes, and owned many puppies between us, as well as helped hundreds of puppy families to live together harmoniously. 

The course consists of six classes, one a week, each lasting an hour.

We work with small groups – no more than 6 puppies so you have a social experience with lots of attention and support too.

You will learn how to engage your puppy and build a successful partnership.

We will help you

  • build a strong relationship, leading to great recall and lead walking

  • teach tricks such as sit, down, stand, stay, settle and focus on you

  • build your handling skills, preparing for vets and groomers

  • teach how to make leaving things as rewarding as stealing them

  • have stress free meal times and toy play

  • reduce play biting, mouthing and other unwanted behaviour 

  • introduce your pup to adults, children, and other animals

The course runs at the same time each week for six weeks. The cost includes welcome box, ongoing support via email and Facebook support group as well as the six hours of class time.


(If your puppy is older than 20 weeks, please choose one of the training packages or Puppy Course for Older Puppies)

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Upcoming Classes: ​

  • Hanham/ St George - 9th July at 6.30pm

  • Hanham/ St George - 30th July at 7.45pm

For face to face Puppy School classes puppies MUST be vaccinated and under 20 weeks of age at the start.