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Welcome to our blog!

This blog will be full of exciting hints, tips and tricks for your furry friends!

Puppy Tales was established through our love for animals! Lucy started Puppy Tales as she wanted to devote her time to her own animals alongside using her knowledge, passion and skills to looking after other peoples animals.

Lucy owns two dogs. Ace is a 3 year old Hungarian Vizsla. He is the most relaxed dog you could meet apart from if its time for walkies! Ace likes nothing more than to cuddle up on the sofa! Nova is a 2 year old Dobermann. Nova can be nervous around new dogs and people and was the stepping stone to starting Puppy Tales. Nova has shown that some dogs need that extra encouragement and training to enable them to feel safe and secure in new surroundings. Lucy is continually training her dogs and loves to teach them tricks!

Alongside the two dogs, in the house is Dexter the cat and Thor and Loki the guinea pigs.

Puppy Tales cares for any animal as their own and using only positive, reward based methods when out walking with dogs (meaning lots of treats!).

We offer a range of services and cater them to each individual to ensure that they get the best care possible!

Follow our blog for more hints, tips and tricks!

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