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We now offer One to One Training!

Dog training available in Hanham, Bristol and the surrounding areas. 

I am a force free, reward based trainer.

I will only use positive methods when working with dogs. I believe in combating 'bad' behaviours by teaching an alternative behaviour. 

During these private sessions, I will help to train you to train your dog to become a more balance and behaved member of your family, both at home and out in public. We use force free, science based training to reward your dog for doing something that we like - this may be through verbal praise, toys or treats. Dog training involves having patience, the motivation and also understanding. We can teach our dogs to engage with us by positively reinforcing behaviours we do want with fun reward based games. 

Training sessions are conducted in the comfort of your own home however, we can venture outside into the local area depending on what training is being done.  After the session, I will send you an email with a summary of what we with through during the session as well as a follow up email a week to 10 days after the visit.

Examples of some of the areas I currently cover are: ● Basic commands, slowly building criteria & duration ● Fun games to help boost your relationship - including trick training ● Pulling on the lead ● Lack of recall ● Jumping up ● House training ● Crate training

● Puppy Training

We also now offer training walks where we can walk your dog on their own or you can join us on a walk to work on any behavioural issues you are having!

Get in contact to book your training today!

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