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Our favourite harnesses!

Harnesses have become a popular addition to our dog walking equipment. They are great to use as they mean that your dog isn't putting pressure on their neck when walking. They also make it easier to grab our dogs if we need to in an emergency. However, by having so many on the market it is hard to know which are the best!

With any harness, it should be comfortable on your dog - there are some you can buy which state they are 'anti-pull' or generally don't sit well on your dog and this can make them uncomfortable and dislike having it on.

That is why its so important to find a harness that is comfortable and your dog doesn't mind wearing!

Harnesses are great tools for teaching loose lead walking too - having one that has two points of contact (one on the chest and one on the back) and pairing with a double ended lead can really help for this.

There are a few harnesses that I would always choose:

- Dog Games Perfect Fit

- This harness comes in three pieces - top, front and girth to get the best fit on your dog. It is perfect for growing puppies as you usually only need to replace one or two pieces as they grow instead of buying a new harness. It is fleece lined so really comfy too!

- Mekuti Balance Harness

- This harness prevents and stops your dog pulling on the lead without using force. Gently improve control, speed and direction. Improves posture which can reduce back and shoulder problems in both the dog and the handler! These are really light weight harnesses.

We stock these harnesses and are more than happy to speak to you more about what would be best for your dog!

or you can order online at our store:

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