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It's nearly Christmas!

It’s Christmas soon

Remember Christmas can be very overwhelming for everyone including our dogs!

If you have lots of visitors over, new smells from the dinner, tree, presents, excitable children, potentially tipsy owners and later nights - this can easily throw our dogs over threshold.

When they get over threshold, they are over tired, may not listen as much, may start chewing things, pacing, find it hard to settle!

A few things to do;

  • prepare some kongs, chews etc to be given at different times - lunch, movies etc If you have new guests then make sure to give them in a special place and tell visitors to leave your puppy along (that’s okay to say!)

  • give your puppy time to chill - this may mean you have to go up to the bedroom with them for an after dinner nap for all the batteries to reset.

  • ensure snacks and food is out of reach!! There are many items which are dangerous to dogs and you don’t want to be visiting the vet on Christmas Day!

  • tell people how your dog likes to be interacted with. Some people don’t know dog body language or have much experience with dogs so help them to understand.

  • Don’t dress your dog up if they don’t like it - don’t force hats or jumpers or anything. It can stress dogs out!

  • Reward all the lovely behaviour - its easy to stress and get worked up especially when there is lots going on. Keep your treats close by, reward that beautiful hello in a sit, or the choice to go and lay down or to leave the childrens toys alone - communicate to your dog that they are being super!

Have a fabulous Christmas - you deserve it!

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