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How to choose the best dog chews?

There are so many dog chews to choose from! Its really important to choose a chew based on your dogs chewing style; 1) ‘Inhalers’ or ‘gulpers’ - does your dog chew their chew very quickly and swallow big chunks in one go if they can? For these types of dogs, you want chews which they can really chew on and that are less likely to break apart leaving big pieces - things like beef hide, camel skin, cow ears, bull pizzles, XL buffalo skin, ostrich bones are all good choices. You want to consider taking these chews away when they start to get small too. 2) ‘Destroyers’ - dogs who like to rip apart anything they can get their hands on. They may or may not eat the chew. For these dogs, you may want easier chews. If the chew is too hard, your dog may find it boring and not want to engage with it. Chews like beef or buffalo throats, puffed snouts, dried feet. 3) ‘Nibblers’ - dogs who eat their chews with care and swallow and chew appropriately. These dogs can have a range of chews as they take the time to ensure chewing is appropriate to each chew.

Things to avoid:

  • It is important to take into account how hard a chew is and whether your dog can digest it or not.

  • Plastic chew toys are made for your dog to chew on but not ingest however, with these toys pieces come off very easily. Once chewed these can become sharp too. We would suggest avoiding these toys.

  • Rawhide is one to avoid! This is bleached skin and can very easily cause blockages and be a shocking hazard for your dog.

  • Antlers have mixed reviews. We recommend that if you want to give your dogs antlers you choose a split or fallow antler. These are softer in texture and less likely to harm teeth. Instead of the above, go for natural chews - these are simply just animal parts that have been air dried.

What to go for:

  • Long lasting chews - buffalo throat, cow ears, beef tendons, bull pizzles, yak chews, chew roots, beef hide, deer hide roll, buffalo skin. Check out our tough chewers bundle.

  • Easier chews - lamb muscle meat, pig snouts, fish skin fingers, beef gullet. Check out our easy chew bundle.

We offer a tailor made bundle for your dog. Just tell us their age, breed and what you’d like; long lasting, easy chews, treats and we can put a mixture together for you! Shop it here.

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