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Paw Awards Training Classes - From Level 1 to 5

We have spaces in our Paw Award One class starting 20th July at 5.15pm or 6.30pm in BS39.

Our dog training classes run for a 6 week period and are focused on positive reinforcement and reward based methods.

Any dog with basic or no training can join but please make us aware if they have additional needs.

  • I have worked together with Michelle (who runs our fabulous Puppy School courses in Little Stoke) to build a set of 5 awards you can work towards with your puppy or older dog, at your pace.

  • Starting with the skills you will have worked on in Puppy School, you can refine, extend and learn new tricks to achieve Paw Award One.

  • The course is designed so you know what you need to demonstrate for each stage, but skills can be ticked off as they are seen in the classes.

  • There is no test!

  • And if you crack Paw Award One before the end of the course you can start working on Paw Award Two straight away!

  • As these awards start with teaching and assessing the basic skills, Paw Award One is also suitable as a starting point for older puppies and adult beginners.

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